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Welcome to the Brooklyn Dominican Parade and Festival!

Celebrate with us the 16th Brooklyn Dominican Parade and Festival that will be hosted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, along Graham Avenue on August 28th, 2016.

The Brooklyn Dominican Parade is a 501c (3) organization that do its best to highlight the culture and contributions of the Dominican people in the USA. This nation has given roof to many people that come from all over the world and we have not been an exception, we had been a NYC community since the 1930s. And according to Census data analysis by CUNY’s Center for Latin American, Caribbean & Latino Studies, Dominicans are the new largest group of Hispanics in NYC. There were about 747,473 Dominicans living in the NYC in 2013.

Brooklyn is the home of a large number of Dominican immigrants and its descendants and it is one of the most populated boroughs of NYC. Like many others communities, we love to showcase our form of living, art, music, and literature; and nothing’s better than a grand parade and festival that celebrate the Dominican heritage, its folklore and rich history.

Be a Sponsor

Your support is essential in the development of our community and we want to thank your interest in being part of this celebration. The Dominican Parade and Festival of Brooklyn is much more than a one day event, it includes various activities held throughout the year, read more ...

2016 Brooklyn Dominican Parade - 8/28/16

The Parade run along Graham Avenue. Starting at Graham Avenue and Metropolitan Avenue at 1 pm. Bring the family to enjoy the Diablos Cojuelos, Dance Groups and Alegoric Cars and much more. For more information call us at (646) 717-0603.

Dominican Festival - 8/28/16

The fun continues after the Brooklyn Dominican Parade at the Dominican Festival at Grand Street Campus High School form 2 pm to 7 pm, Bushwick and Stagg Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206, an event with live music, food vendors and much more. This event is totally free of charge. More information.

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Dominican Parade & Festival, Inc • P.O. Box 60184 Brooklyn, NY 11206 • (646) 717-0603